Author Topic: RANKS[both in the guild and the forums]  (Read 86 times)


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RANKS[both in the guild and the forums]
« on: 12B 19d, 2012Y, I:52M 20S amp »
Hai everyone~ :) I'm sure you guys are all wondering how to gain ranks in the guild and the forums. Well I'll explain it all below.

1. I am using the "PRESTIGE" points system which you've earned (since you've joined the guild) while doing various quests for the major cities or other places. You can also get PP* by killing "Rare Monsters", "Guild Conquests" or "Elite Monsters" and also by doing dungeons (instances).

Note: From Legate--->Discens is min: 200 PP and level 10+, Then from Discens--->Centurio is min: 500 PP and level 20+, From Centurio-->Consul is min: 1k PP and level 40+ (as well as the trust between your guild leader and yourself)
For those whom already have a higher rank through various reasons because they have earned that position. If you are of level 50+ you shall gain an auto-rank from Legate to Discens.

2. I am checking what level your (main) character is, if it's in second class change and at level 60+ I might consider to promote you, but that is only if you have succeeded following the previous points when it comes to prestige (min: 200 PP from Lord to FeudalLord). Otherwise I might promote your character if I see that it's above level 60+ when you have joined, mainly because I know that you as player may be more experienced than others.

If you have alt characters in the guild, They will also earn the position that your (main)character has earned in the guild.

3. Believe it or not but I keep watch on what you do in the guild. If you're not going to respond to questions meant for you, or don't give your guild leader greetings when you come on I may never promote you. If you're not very talkative I will not get to know you thus I can't notice you, Further more, meaning the guild nor I can trust you.

4. I am keeping watch on how much you donate toward the guild for the guild buffs or anything in general. If you unsure on how to donate please check the "Guild Message Board" on how to do so.

5. This is for personal reasons, If I know you in reality then of coarse you are going to get a higher rank in the guild! I mean who wouldn't promote their own friend? But a friend of mine is a friend of yours. Also the closer you are to me the higher rank you will receive.

This concludes on how I rank others in both the forums and the guild. I now hope you guys have a much better understand on how I do rank others and why I'm a little nicer to others.

Your Empress,

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