Author Topic: RULES[Both in the guild and the forums)  (Read 71 times)


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RULES[Both in the guild and the forums)
« on: 12B 19d, 2012Y, I:52M 20S amp »
Hello guildies!

There have been a confusion when it comes what rules applies on the guild. Let me make it a little clearer here!

1. Don't ask for promotion!
This rule applies to everyone and this rule follows the part of "RANKS (promotion system)" thread. Those who don't follow this rule will be immediately expelled because I get easily ticked off when new members asks for promotion without any reason.

2. Don't beg for either coins or things overall!
This rule may seem kinda weird at first, but hell, you have to earn your way up, no cheating through the game now. There are a couple of simple things you can do to just avoid getting poor. Either you collect a lot of stacks of REP QI and then sell it through AH or you can buy AP and sell things from the Item Mall (like Magical Alchemy Clay). The simplest is to just do a lot of different quests and get the reward money from there.

3. Don't spam at all!
Sorry, but it's annoying to see the same repeated sentences over and over again. This applies even for those who are asking for PLVL all the time, even if it isn't repeated at the same moment, it can get on your nerves if one sees you ask it all the time whenever you are online. So if one says "no" the first time, don't even dare to ask a second time - either if its PLVL or help. You can get expelled if you aren't listening to the guild leader or upper ranks when they tell you to stop.

4. Don't speak ill about others!
Yes, this is a real rule. If I ever see anyone speak ill about another character, person or a guild, I will expel you from the guild - permanently!

5. Don't be a jerk!
It may seem like a similar rule to the one above, but it isn't. This rule is a milder version of that one, it's about how you act against others. If someone ask you for help, don't just go and say "Go away n00b" or something like it, because remember, you also have been there and you also once needed help to get through the game. Think twice before you speak and be nice to each other! I promise you it will be a much more fun game if everyone are nice to each other.

This concludes all the rules which implies in the guild. I hope you all will follow these rules and respect them too, because these rules aren't hard to follow and they are justified so everyone can enjoy the game without any unnecessary arguments or fights. If there are any problems with these rules, you can always send me a whisper or ask me in guild chat.[/size]

NOTE! Always abide by AeriaGames ToS (Terms of Service) both inside and outside the guild otherwise serious actions will be taken!

Sincerely your Empress,
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